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Believe what you see and not what you hear or read online. Only pay after you have confirmed that the land meets your expectations, has a clean title, and is owned by the person purporting to sell it. You can be promised an elephant and be given a rat. You should also conduct a physical inspection of the boundaries.

Conduct a search at the relevant land registry. If you are buying land from a company, also conduct a search on the company’s directors and shareholders at the Companies’ Registry.

Why do a search:

  1. You will know the true owner of the land.
  2. You will know who are the true directors of the company, if the seller is a company.
  3. You will know if the land has an encumbrance (such as a bank charge, a caution, a caveat, a restriction).
  4. You get compensation for a mistake that arises out of an official search.
  5. You will know the exact size of the land as captured in the land records.
  6. You will know the history of the land, whether it belongs ultimately to the National Government or the County Government or a governmental authority such as the Export Processing Zones (in case of Leases), the number of years remaining on the Lease, or it belongs to the seller (in case of Freehold land).
  7. You will know the rent payable to the National Government, if there is any.

Land owning has never been this simplified

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